About Our Business

Parties with a Pop was started in 2018 by friends Vivian McCullough and Lisa Dickey.  These two ladies have a knack for making things fun.  If they had a show on HGTV, you would definitely want to watch!   


Vivian has always been known for her "over-the-top" parties.  Whether it was renting a school bus for her daughter's 5th birthday party, or having her own 4th of July parade with her family on her street, she knows how to celebrate with her own fun and wacky style. 


Lisa has a crafty sense about her, always willing to make things with her own hands.  She has a talent for making sure every detail is perfect.  She brings her organization skills to every event planned and tries to add something special to each and every one.  

These fun ladies will work within your budget to create a one-of-a-kind party you and your guests will truly enjoy.  Sit back and let Parties with a Pop make you the perfect party host!